The BIONICLE 4-Minute Retrospective is one of the videos on The movie talks about the BIONICLE storyline from 2001-2007, with a little bit of the 2008 story.


In the time before time, on the mysterious island of Mata Nui, six canisters washed ashore on a golden beach and new and powerful legends were born. Tahu, courageous Toa of Fire; Lewa, agile Toa of Air; Gali, noble Toa of Water; Kopaka, powerful Toa of Ice; Onua, wise Toa of Earth; teamed with Pohatu, mighty Toa of Stone. They battled the darkness of evil Makuta and the terrible menaces he unleashed that threatened the Toa and the world.

Time would bring new transformations. Amazing weapons, masks, and armor, and new and greater power than ever before. These Toa Nuva would need all their power, all their skill, and all their wisdom to combat more dangerous threats like the Bohrok-Kal, and the dreaded Rahkshi, servants of the evil Makuta. They brought fear, destruction, and doom to Mata Nui. But new allies joined the fight and helped to defeat Makuta.

Secrets of an ancient land called Metru Nui were revealed, a land that, long ago, had its own heroes who fought for justice with all their powers and skills, braving any danger to keep their city safe. Challenged by the Vahki, robots programmed to pursue, capture, or destroy, these Toa fought on. Even when turned into nightmare versions of themselves, they never surrendered. Whoever the enemy, whatever the odds, they fought, and they won.

In other far away lands, evil continued to grow. Monstrous creatures longing to be unleashed. But the mantle of Toa was worn by new warriors. On a quest to find the legendary Mask of Life, nothing would get in their way, not on land or under the sea. No matter where the Mask of Life might be, no matter who dared to try and possess it with stealth, power, and evil schemes, the Toa would be there. Armed with new masks and weapons, ready to fight to save a universe. With enemies on every side, outnumbered and under attack, stranded in the depths of a strange ocean, and facing monsters beyond imagination, the Toa would find a way to win. No matter what the future may bring, some things will never change, like the courage and daring of true heroes.

In 2008, the Toa face their greatest challenge: a battle in the skies at the core of the universe. The Toa Nuva will continue the fight. The final battle is about to begin.



Bionicle 4 Minutes