The BIONICLE Battle Videos are a series of videos on They are about the quest of Tahu, Takanuva, and Gresh of trying to claim the Golden Armor. According to the website, they were updated regularly.


The Video begins with Gresh as he jumps over a rock, running, then hiding behind another rock. Next, a door opens, revealing hordes of Rahkshi of heat vision, tons of Skakdi, then Tahu and Takanuva in their Stars Forms. Finally, some Skrall charge round a corner, and the video ends with Tahu, Takanuva, and Gresh ready to fight.


BIONICLE Battle Videos - Introduction


Gresh vs. Skrall[]

The second video begins with Tahu and Takanuva looking at the golden armor seconds before it scatters.

The video then changes to Gresh's perspective. While Gresh flees he is ambushed by a Skrall, who has found a piece of the Golden Armor. The Skrall then attacks the Glatorian and Gresh is knocked down. However, Gresh uses his elemental power of Air to blow the Skrall into a rock, an impact that knocks him out, allowing Gresh to go up to him and retrieve the armor piece.


Bionicle Stars Battle Video - Gresh vs Skrall

Gresh vs. Skrall

Takanuva vs. Rahkshi[]

The video begins the same as the second video before with Tahu and Takanuva witnessing the Golden Armor being scattered.

The video then goes to Takanuva's perspective, with him wandering around. He then encounters a Rahkshi, which appears from above holding another armor piece. Takanuva readies himself for the fight, and the Rahkshi uses its heat vision powers. However, Takanuva manages to counter the blast with his light powers. By channeling them through both staffs, he applies enough energy to defeat the Rahkshi and claim the armor.


BIONICLE Stars Battle Videos - Takanuva Vs. Rahkshi

Takanuva vs. Rahkshi

Tahu Vs. Piraka[]

The video starts the same as the previous two: Tahu's armor scattering across the great desert.

It then goes to Tahu, walking toward Nektann, holding an armor piece (shoulder/torso piece). He charges at Tahu, who destroys the Skakdi's weapon with his own. Enraged, Nektann tries tackling him, but fails when Tahu punches him, unleashing a burst of fire along with it. He then claims the piece of golden armor.


BIONICLE Stars Battle Video 4 Tahu vs. Piraka HD

Tahu vs. Piraka

Golden Armor Recovered[]

The video begins with Takanuva and Gresh helping Tahu put on his armor. Gresh then gives Tahu his mask, which he puts on, and just in time; a Skrall and Skakdi are charging right for them. They are easily defeated by Tahu. But now Tahu has to face an army of Rahkshi. By streaming his fire powers out of the armor, the Rahkshi are defeated and victory is claimed for the heroes.


BIONICLE Battle Video Golden Armor Recovered

Golden Armor Recovered