BIONICLE Chronicles 3: Makuta's Revenge
Bionicle Chronicles 3
Book Information
AuthorCathy Hapka
SeriesBIONICLE Chronicles
Year published2003
Number in series3
Previous bookBIONICLE Chronicles 2: Beware the Bohrok
Next bookBIONICLE Chronicles 4: Tales of the Masks

Bionicle Chronicles -3 Makuta's Revenge

U.K. edition

BIONICLE Chronicles 3: Makuta's Revenge was the third book in the BIONICLE Chronicles series.


The Bohrok are programmed to serve the Matoran, and the reconstruction of the Koros begins. Nuva Symbols appear in the Suvas. Vakama gives the Vahi to Tahu Nuva, asking him to keep its existence a secret, and to use it only in the direst emergency.

The Toa Nuva's tempers get out of control, and they fight each other. They all agree to split up, yet again. The Bohrok-Kal steal the Nuva symbols. The Toa Nuva's Elemental Power disappears as a result. Kopaka falls from an ice bridge without his elemental power. Tahu is buried by rubble when he tries to stop one of the Kal. Lewa's show-off of his new power is interrupted miles above Mata Nui (he is rescued by Kongu, riding a Gukko). Gali is nearly drowned by a tidal wave she can no longer control. Gali reveals that two Kal were seen in Po-Wahi. The Toa give chase. Tahu orders the Toa to split into two groups, one to chase the Kal, the other to investigate what happened to the Bahrag.

Gali, Onua, and Pohatu, the three sent to the Bahrag's lair, decide to instead hunt down Krana-Kal. They split up to search for the Krana-Kal. The Toa Nuva head to the nest, hoping to beat the Kal to it, and use the Exo-Toa to stop the Kal. Tahu summons the Vahi and slows time around the Kal at the last minute. However, their Krana-Kal turn silver and project an impenetrable force field, apparently leaving the Toa no way to stop them. The Toa then reach out mentally to the symbols, feeding power to the Kal. The Kal's own powers increase, and they pause, falling prey to their own egos, thinking that with this power, they could rule alongside the Bahrag. The Kal's powers go out of control, and each is destroyed by their own powers. Nuhvok-Kal's gravity turns him into a miniature black hole, and Pahrak-Kal is melts through the earth with his own plasma. Gahlok-Kal is able to place one symbol on the cube, but is crushed by pieces of the Exo-Toa that are pulled by the Kal's magnetic power. Lehvak-Kal is blasted through the rock and sent into space by its vacuum power, Tahnok-Kal imprisoned by electricity, and Kohrak-Kal disintegrated by intense sound. Only the Krana-Kal survive. With the symbols retrieved, the Toa power returns, and they leave the chamber.

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