BIONICLE Chronicles 4: Tales of the Masks
BC4 - Tales of the Masks
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey
SeriesBIONICLE Chronicles
Year published2003
Number in series4
Previous bookBIONICLE Chronicles 3: Makuta's Revenge
Next bookBIONICLE: Mask of Light

BIONICLE Chronicles 4: Tales of the Masks was the fourth book in the BIONICLE Chronicles series. It is a collection of short stories telling the events of the Toa Nuva finding the Kanohi Nuva.


Explore the exciting world of BIONICLE! Join the mighty Toa on their quest to combat evil! This amazing "BIONICLE Chronicle" is a must-have for any fan! Makuta has returned and is threatening to destroy the ancient land of Mata Nui. The mighty Toa Nuva now have new powers. However, to defeat the powerful Makuta, they must begin their quest to discover six powerful masks. Will they be able to resolve the differences growing within their group and succeed in defeating Makuta? Or will this be the Toa Nuva's final battle? This work includes exclusive Kanoka Club Code points.



  • This was the first book to mention Metru Nui.
  • This was also the first book to mention the Great Temple Squid.
  • In the first few chapters, the name Ko-Koro was misspelled as Ko-Koru (a typo).
  • It was the first BIONICLE book written by Greg Farshtey.
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