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BIONICLE Chronicles Collection
Book Information
AuthorCathy Hapka
SeriesBIONICLE Chronicles
Year published2005
Number in series1
Previous bookNone
Next bookBIONICLE Adventures: Volume 1

BIONICLE Chronicles Collection was a hardcover book released on March 15, 2005 and was only sold at Barnes & Noble bookstores, as it is a Barnes & Noble exclusive.


This 4-in-1 book contains the four books of the BIONICLE Chronicles series.

Book Series
Chronicles: Series: Tale of the ToaBeware the BohrokMakuta's RevengeTales of the Masks
Special: Mask of Light
Adventures: 2004: Mystery of Metru NuiTrial by FireThe Darkness Below (Volume 1) • Legends of Metru NuiVoyage of FearMaze of Shadows
2005: Web of the VisorakChallenge of the HordikaWeb of ShadowsTime Trap
Legends: 2006: Island of DoomDark DestinyPower PlayLegacy of EvilInferno
2007: City of the LostInvasion (cancelled) • Prisoners of the PitDownfall
2008: Shadows in the SkySwamp of SecretsThe Final Battle
Glatorian: 2009: The CrossingRaid on VulcanusThe Legend Reborn
2010: Journey's End