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"Surrender or run"

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An Earth Gafna




The Great Cataclysm as shown at the Amaja Circle





  • Ka - Kongu's Gukko
  • Kadin - Mask of Flight
  • Kahgarak - Visorak breed; use Shadow field Rhotuka
  • Kahu - Bird Rahi
  • Kaita - Fusions of Toa, Matoran, Rahkshi, Bohrok, or Turaga; usually require three beings
  • Kakama - Great Mask of Speed
  • Kakama Nuva - Nuva Mask of Speed
  • Kane-Ra - Bull Rahi
  • Kanohi - Great or Noble Masks made from Kanoka Disks
  • Kanohi Dragon - Powerful dragon creature
  • Kanohi Nuva - Great Masks immersed in Energized Protodermis
  • Kanoka - Disks with various powers; can be carved into Kanohi
  • Karda Nui - Mata Nui's "Heart"; former home of the Av-Matoran
  • Kardas Dragon - Huge dragon Rahi
  • Karzahni - Island in the Matoran Universe; Matoran were sent there to be repaired
  • Karzahni - Plant created by Makuta Teridax; named after the ruler
  • Katana - Weapons used by the Lehvak Va
  • Kaukau - Mask of Water Breathing
  • Kau Kau Staff - Turaga Matau's badge of office
  • Kaukau Nuva - Nuva Mask of Water Breathing
  • Kavinika - Rahi
  • Kaxium V3 - Two-man separating motorcycle vehicle
  • Keelerak - Visorak breed; use acid Rhotuka
  • Keerakh - Vahki model
  • Keetongu - Rahi with Hordika Venom curing powers
  • Kelp Weed - Plant found near Mahri Nui
  • Keras - Crab Rahi
  • Kestora - Species of purple and black entities living in the Red Star and City of Silver pocket dimension
  • Kewa - Bird Rahi
  • Kewa Bird Riding - Le-Matoran sport
  • Keystone - Key to the Codrex; Told how to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui
  • Ki-Nui - Hole the Kestone had to be inserted in to on the Codrex
  • Kikanalo - Rhino-like Rahi
  • King Root - Lead Morbuzakh root
  • Kini-Nui - Temple located in the center of Mata Nui
  • Kinloka - Experimental Rahi
  • Kio - Matoran Measurement; equal to 1,000 bio
  • Kirikori Nui - Locust Rahi
  • Kiril - Mask of Regeneration
  • Klakk - Rahi with the power to cure beings of shadow with a sonic scream, destroying the mental barrier that keeps light out
  • Knee Island - Location on Bara Magna
  • Knowledge Tower - Place where Ko-Matoran could study
  • Ko - Matoran prefix meaning "Ice"
  • Ko-Kini - Temple dedicated to Kopaka
  • Ko-Koro - Village of the Ko-Matoran on Mata Nui
  • Ko-Koro Guard - Ko-Koro military
  • Ko-Koro Kolhii Team - Kolhii team from Ko-Koro
  • Ko-Matoran - Matoran of Ice
  • Ko-Metru - City of the Ko-Matoran on Metru Nui
  • Ko-Suva - Shrine to Toa Kopaka
  • Ko-Wahi - Ice region of Mata Nui
  • Ko-Wahi Beach - Beach near Ko-Wahi
  • Kodan Ball - Object created when putting Pohatu's Climbing Claws together; named after the Matoran Kodan
  • Kohrak - Bohrok of Ice
  • Kohrak-Kal - Bohrok Kal of Sonics
  • Kohrak Va - Bohrok Va of Ice
  • Kojol - Makuta of Arthaka (deceased)
  • Kolhii - Sport played by the Matoran of Mata Nui
  • Kolhii Ball - Small sphere used when playing Kolhii
  • Kolhii Champion - Title given to the Matoran who won the Kolhii Tournament
  • Kolhii Shield - Shields used when playing Kolhii
  • Kolhii Stick - Sticks with a hammer and scoop used to play Kolhii
  • Kolhii Tournament - Contest between the three best Kolhii teams on Mata Nui against each other
  • Komau - Mask of Mind Control
  • Kongu's Toa Tool - Melee weapon carried by Kongu; discarded for a Cordak Blaster
  • Koro - Villages on Mata Nui

Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadows



  • Madu Cabolo - Fruit; related to Madu fruit
  • Madu Fruit - Fruit found on Mata Nui
  • Magma Swords - Blades used by Tahu Nuva; doubled as Lava board
  • Mahi - Also known as Maha; lived on the plains of Mata Nui
  • Mahiki - Mask of Illusions
  • Mahri Nui - underwater city outside the Matoran Universe; later destroyed when Voya Nui fell back into place.
  • Makika - Toad Rahi
  • Makoki Stone - Sets of stones needed to open the Mangaia, reveal the Mask of Light, and other things
  • Makuta - Gaseous, shapeshifting species
  • Makuta Pool - Pool containing Antidermis
  • Makuta Stone - Fragment of Teridax's Toa Seal used to represent him in the stories told by the Turaga on Mata Nui.
  • Makuta Virus - A virus created by the Makuta species to put Mata Nui to sleep
  • Mana-Ko - Teridax's guard Rahi; Order of Mata Nui servants
  • Manas - Crab Rahi
  • Mangai Volcano - Volcano on Mata Nui
  • Mangaia - Teridax's lair on Mata Nui; contained the gate to Metru Nui
  • Manutri - Voya Nui Rahi; some armed with Squid Launchers/Cordak Blasters
  • Mask Maker - A Matoran who make masks
  • Mata Nui - An island on the surface of Aqua Magna (destroyed)
  • Mata Nui Stone - Rocks used in stories to represent the Great Spirit.
  • Matatu - Mask of Telekenisis
  • Matau - Le-Matoran; former Toa Metru/Toa Hordika of Air; Turaga of Air
  • Matoran - Workers; People of Mata Nui
  • Matoran Universe - The universe in which the Matoran population originally lived in
  • Maxilos - Robot guards serving the Order of Mata Nui
  • Memory Crystal - Crystals used to store info in the knowledge
  • Metru - Matoran suffix meaning "city"
  • Metru Mantis - Rahi
  • Metru Nui - Also known as "city of legends; "Mata Nui's "brain."

Miner is a Matoran job


Nuva Cube

The Nuva Cube




A pickaxe





Shredder Claws--Piruk's tools



  • Unity - One of the Three Virtues
  • Ussal - A friendly crab Rahi used for carrying cargo and transportation
  • Ussalry - Onu-Koro military force
  • Ussanui - Vehicle which transported Takanuva




  • Xa - Swarm commander Krana
  • Xa-Kal - Liberator Krana-Kal
  • Xia - Island home of Roodaka


  • Yo - Mole Krana
  • Yo-Kal - Excavator Krana-Kal


Zakaz map

Zakaz, island home of Skakdi

  • Za - Squad leader Krana
  • Za-Kal - Overseer Krana-Kal
  • Zadakh - Po-Metru Vahki model
  • Zakaz - Home island of Skakdi species
  • Zamor Launcher - Ranged weapon which fires Zamor Spheres
  • Zamor Sphere - Sphere in which energy can be put in and fired from a launcher
  • Zatth - Mask of Summoning
  • Zesk - Agori-like species on Bara Magna
  • Zivon - Scorpion monster and ally of the Visorak
  • Zyglak - Non-Rahi race created by the Great Beings