Island of Doom.jpg Island of Doom, the first book in the series
Book Series Information
Number of books11
AuthorGreg Farshtey
Years covered2006-2008

BIONICLE Legends was the third book series based in the BIONICLE universe. It is covered the events that occured in the storyline's 2006 - 2007 - 2008 story arc. It followed the BIONICLE Adventures series, but as Adventures is almost exclusively told in flashbacks, the events preceding those in Legends are told in the first book series, BIONICLE Chronicles. Greg Farshtey was the author of all books in this series.




Book Series
Chronicles: Series: Tale of the ToaBeware the BohrokMakuta's RevengeTales of the Masks
Special: Mask of Light
Adventures: 2004: Mystery of Metru NuiTrial by FireThe Darkness Below (Volume 1) • Legends of Metru NuiVoyage of FearMaze of Shadows
2005: Web of the VisorakChallenge of the HordikaWeb of ShadowsTime Trap
Legends: 2006: Island of DoomDark DestinyPower PlayLegacy of EvilInferno
2007: City of the LostInvasion (cancelled) • Prisoners of the PitDownfall
2008: Shadows in the SkySwamp of SecretsThe Final Battle
Glatorian: 2009: The CrossingRaid on VulcanusThe Legend Reborn
2010: Journey's End
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