BIONICLE Mask of Creation
Video Game Information
Publisher(s) The LEGO Group
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release dates January 1, 2015
Genre Role-Playing Game, Kill Them All
Rating iTunes - Ages 9+
Media Free Download

BIONICLE Mask of Creation is a free mobile game developed by Frima Studios and released on January 1, 2015 by The LEGO Group. In which you play as the six Toa to vanquish waves of Skull Spiders sent by the Lord of Skull Spiders.



Tahu after completing a level

On the island of Okoto, six mysterious beings shoot down from the stars. These warriors are revealed to be the Toa, elemental masters. Their respective Protectors informed each of them of their collective destiny and goal: to defeat the Skull Spiders and the Lord of the Skull Spiders. The Toa and Protectors progress through Okoto battling the Skull Spiders. Eventually they defeat the Lord of the Skull Spiders and save Okoto.


You control the Toa by dragging your finger across the screen where you'd like them to go and tapping enemies you would like to battle. When you defeat a wave of Skull Spiders, a door will open and you can progress. There are four waves per level, and four levels in each section of Okoto.


Each Toa can hack, slash, and slam their enemies. They can also use an elemental move which destroys all surrounding Skull Spiders in a set radius. They can also call upon the Protectors of their respective element that will fire at all surrounding Skull Spiders, stunning them for a time.

Between levels, the Toa can switch between different unlocked armor pieces earned from gameplay. Each armor bit corresponds to that of another Toa, only in the selected one's color. Additionally, there is a "ultrabuild" option feature by pressing the lower-left icon on the screen. Doing so changes the appearance of each Toa, utilizing their respective Protectors' parts more intricately than the sets do.