The box for the PowerPack

The BIONICLE PowerPack was a promotianal pack released in 2001 to promote BIONICLE. It featured Hafu (in Tohunga form), a chrome Kanohi Hau (advertised as the Kanohi Rua, the Mask of Wisdom), and a CD. The CD had three tracks: The BIONICLE Music, Hura-Mafa Flow, and Kumo Rocks. When the CD was put into a computer, in featured the Toa Promo Animations, as well as the Turaga Vakama Promo Animations.

The CD started with a view of the island of Mata Nui, and zoomed into Po-Koro. The menu had Toa Mata Pohatu, Turaga Onewa, and a few Tohunga. By clicking on the characters, the user would receive a bio of that character. By clicking different parts of the character, the user would receive different information. The user could also click a wall on the right with masks on it. It would lead the user on a wall with all the six Kanohi. Clicking them would make information appear about them on the bottom of the screen.

By clicking the image of Mata Nui on a hut wall between Onewa and Pohatu, an animation of the legend of the Toa Mata arriving would begin. This was not the Legend of Mata Nui animation, however, but rather an animation with images and text explaining the legend. Clicking the Golden Mask pile gave the viewer a quiz of 4 questions. It stated that if the viewer got them all right, he/she would get access to a competition where the winner would get a solid golden Kanohi Hau. By clicking the box in the sand near Hafu an advertisement of the BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa video game would play.