A poster of the sets

The BIONICLE Stars is the group-name of the 2010 Winter sets. The sets were the last sets to be released for BIONICLE until the 2015 reboot. The sets are: Nektann (labeled simply as "Piraka"), a Rahkshi, a nameless Skrall, Tahu, Takanuva, and Gresh, making Tahu and Takanuva two of the 6 characters to be released 4 times, the most releases of any character.


  • In the commercial, it says "3 ancient heroes", even though Gresh, a rookie Glatorian, wasn't part of the original universe or storyline. The same applies with the Skrall.
  • The sets have similar builds to the 2008 Matoran and 2009 Agori. Despite this, they still are almost as tall as the original Toa Mata from 2001, although with much less bulk on the torsos.
    • Most of the other characters are scaled down.
  • Although Mata Nui changed Tahu's armor back to his Toa Mata form, he still looks different because he was, and still is, wearing the Adaptive Armor given to him by Artakha.
  • This line is widely considered one of the worst BIONICLE lines by the fanbase, with many believing it was a weak ending to the storyline, and criticizing the simplicity of the sets comparable to the Matoran figures of 2008 and the Agori figures of 2009.
  • BIONICLE Stars is the only BIONICLE wave with sets that did not have some form of ranged weapon (2001's Matoran had Kanoka Throwing Disks and Pohatu had a stone ball, 2002 had launchable Krana, 2003 had Kohlii Balls, 2004 had launchers with Kanoka Disks, 2005 had Rohtuka Spinners, 2006 had Zamor Spheres, 2007 had Barraki squid and Cordak and Air Spheres, 2008 had Midak Spheres and Ghost Blasters, and 2009 had Thornax Fruit)


Set Information[]

  • Each set contained a piece of Golden Armor. They are as follows:
  • All of these pieces can be placed on Tahu, some of them replacing his armor.
  • All six of the sets and the Golden Armor could be put together to form Gaardus.