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Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsBa-Matoran
LocationSouthern Continent
MakutaMutran (Formerly)
PronunciationBAH koh-ROH

Ba-Koro was a small village located on the Southern Continent. It was originally home to a small amount of Ba-Matoran, but the population has since disappeared. At one point, Visorak invaded the village, but the carnivorous grasses surrounding the village killed the Rahi.

At one point, Mazeka and an alternate version of Makuta Teridax teleported here near the end of the main Teridax's reign. There, evil Teridax forced them into the village in a maelstrom of wind and talked to them through dead Visorak. Several Shadow Takanuva were then teleported to the village, but were later killed by the Melding Teridax and Mazeka. Melding Teridax then teleported both of them back to the cliff they were originally on, Teridax realizing the tyrant Teridax had died. The two then left the village onto Spherus Magna.


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