Badge of Office
Item Information
Primary User(s)Turaga
Primary LocationThroughout the Matoran Universe
FunctionalitiesRepresent a Turaga's experience and knowledge

A Badge of Office was a staff or tool used by Turaga to symbolize their experience and knowledge. On many occasions, these tools were the Turaga's transformed Toa Tool. Sometimes, they had been used by their owner since they were Matoran, such as Vakama's firestaff.

Known Badges of Office[]

  • Lhikan carried a Firestaff and a shield as a Turaga. They were believed to be his Fire Greatswords, transformed when Lhikan changed into a Turaga. They were abandoned on a rocky plateau near the Great Barrier after his death.
  • Vakama, whilst a Matoran, used a Firestaff to weld various Protodermis objects. In his time as a Toa Metru, Vakama carried it with him along his journey through Metru Nui, later using it to carve the Mask of Time. He now uses it as a Badge of Office.
  • Nokama created her Trident from the bones of a dead Makuta Fish, when she was on board the Lhikan. She used it for combat as a Toa Metru, and as a Turaga, she used it as a Badge of Office.
  • Onewa used his Stone Hammer to carve various objects when he was a Matoran and worked in a stone-cutter shack. He later used this as his Badge of Office on Mata Nui. Onewa still wields his Stone Hammer.
  • Turaga Matau's Badge of Office was the Kau Kau Staff. Its name was suggested after the 'kau kau' cry of a Brakas Monkey, and the name has stuck ever since. Turaga Matau still carries his Kau Kau Staff.
  • Nuju carried two Crystal Spikes as a Toa Metru, and they were transformed into an Ice Pick after Nuju's transformation from a Toa into a Turaga. Nuju still carries his Ice Pick.
  • After his transformation, Whenua's twin Earthshock Drills became a single small drill, called the Drill of Onua. Whenua wielded this throughout his time on Mata Nui, and he still carries it.
  • Turaga Dume carried a Firestaff as his Badge of Office. It is unknown how Dume got this Firestaff, but it is thought that it might have been his transformed Toa Tool. Dume still wields his Firestaff.
  • The insane Turaga of Sarda's island carried a Badge of Office.
  • It was known that Turaga Jovan wielded a Badge of Office. However, it was lost in the waters surrounding Voya Nui following the Great Cataclysm.
Badge of Office
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