Bamboo Disk
Weapon Information
FunctionMata Nui Matoran
User(s)No longer in use

Bamboo disks were used by the Matoran of Mata Nui to defend against Rahi or for sport. They were similar in design to Kanoka disks. However, instead of being made of protodermis, they were made of bamboo; additionally, they had no powers. They were sometimes engraved with images of Kanohi.


Set Information[]

  • A Bamboo Disk was included with every Matoran (then known as Tohunga) in the McDonald's Promotion of 2001. They each had an image of the Kanohi of the Toa of their respective Element.
    • These disks were all black with a light brown print, the only unique color being their respective Toa's eye color. Outside of the sets, the disks are depicted in black and usually one of the matoran's main colors with no engraving.
  • One was also included with the Po-Matoran Hafu figure that came with the PowerPack, released in the same year, but strangely his disk bore the image of Tahu's Hau, being the only bamboo disk released in set form to not contain the default mask of its user's elemental Toa (Po-Matoran Huki came with a disk with the Kakama, Toa Pohatu's mask, while Ta-Matoran Jala was the only other Matoran to use a disk with a Hau, Tahu's default mask. The logical reason for this is that the set Hafu came in also included a CD, which used a Hau on its cover artwork, a map which bore the same image, and a chrome Rua, totally identical in appearance to a normal Hau aside from color differences. This mask was not worn by any of the Toa Mata or the Turaga or the Tohunga, being used solely by Toa Kaita Wairuha, although it also appeared as being Miru-shaped in the Mata Nui Online Game. It granted the user the powers of three of the six Great Kanohi released that year: the Akaku, the Miru, and the Kaukau).


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