Baranus V7
Baranus V7
Item Information
Primary User(s)Rock Tribe (formerly), Sahmad
Primary LocationSpherus Magna

The Baranus V7 were originally transport chariots used by the Rock Tribe in the Core War. Most were destroyed by Baterra after the Shattering, but a few remained. One of those at some point came under Sahmad's ownership.


During the Core War, the Rock Tribe used Baranus chariots to transport resources to their armies. At first, they were pulled by Sand Stalkers, but those were later replaced by the slower Spikit, who were more capable of defending the chariot.

Baranus V7 wallpaper

A Baranus V7 driven by Sahmad

Most were destroyed by Baterra in after the Shattering, but a few remained more or less intact. Sahmad found one, and put it in use. He used it to capture Agori, Glatorian, and Vorox, which he then sold as slaves to the Rock Tribe.

Set Information[]

The Baranus V7 set was released in the summer of 2009, including the Agori Sahmad and a Spikit. The set's set number was 8994, and it contained 263 pieces.

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