Barraki: Creeps from the Deep is a movie from made to advertise the Barraki


The movie begins with a shot of the Ignika sinking. As it falls, the weapons of the Barraki around it move menacingly. It then proceeds to fall into the sand next to Dekar, who promptly picks it up. He then runs to a shrine and places the mask on a stone statue's face. Suddenly, Kalmah's tentacle reaches out and breaks the head off the statue, sending Dekar flying back. Ehlek bites a Lightstone near Dekar, making him glow. Kalmah then fires a squid at Ehlek. Kalmah then grabs the Ignika with his tentacle, but Pridak severs the tentacle into two, making the Ignika fall again. Pridak then swims towards Ehlek, though Ehlek fired a squid at the Barraki. The Ignika then falls into Dekar's hands. The Barraki advance on him, Dekar backing up until he falls into a tube with the mask. He then lands in a new area, only to see Takadox creep out of a cave to intercept him. Hypnotizing Dekar, the mask falls out of his hands and the blue Barraki grabs it. Mantax then sneaks up behind him and they begin fighting until a squid from Carapar is fired at Mantax. Carapar charges forward and swats Dekar away. A battle then ensues with the Barraki, Dekar hanging helplessly on an edge of an underwater cliff. A squid fired from Takadox then grabs the Ignika, struggling to carry it, until it drops it, with Dekar watching sadly as the mask floated down to a lower ledge just out of reach. The Barraki then get very alert, searching for the mask. Dekar, still hanging on the ledge, is finally pulled away by a tentacle that wrapped itself around his feet. The short then ends.

The Movie[]


Bionicle Barraki short movie Creeps from the Deep


  • All the way throughout the movie, you may notice that Dekar's shooter is not mounted on his shoulder.
  • If you look at the spikes, tentacles and fins when the Ignika is falling and Dekar is running to the Statue, they are the tentacles of Kalmah, the spikes of Ehlek and the dorsal fin of Pridak.
  • If you look behind Takadox when he almost approaches Dekar, you will see Mantax slowly rising from the pieces. You can only see this when Takadox is preying Dekar up above, then, look behind Takadox and you will see Mantax slowly rise.
  • All of the Barraki squid holders around their bodies are missing.
  • There are two versions of this movie that were made. The first follows the story on the top. In the second one however, Kalmah's tentacle goes around the waist of the memorial instead of the neck, a different ending to the song, and displayed a link to BIONICLEstory.comrather than
  • It was the first mini-movie to play a song by Cryoshell, though only the lead singer Lore.