Barraki Platform Game
Barraki Game
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Platform Online
Controls Keyboard
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The Barraki Platform Game (or simply dubbed Barraki Game) was an online game in which the player battles Mahri Nui Matoran and Hydruka to locate the golden masks (that look similar to the Kanohi Ignika). In the game, the player gets to choose either PridakKalmah, or Mantax as their character. Each character has different stats.


  • Spacebar - Strike
  • Left/Right - Move left or right, respectively
  • Up - Jump upwards
  • Ctrl - Fire Squid Launcher


Upon starting, the player is given the option to choose one of three Barraki to use in the game, each of which have

Barraki Platform Game Play


different stats. The player can go up air tubes to make it to higher levels, defeating many Matoran and Hydruka along the way. They are easy to defeat, however, all three types of enemies shoot Solidified Air Bubbles. The Solidified Air Bubbles can be hit back with the player's weapon if the timing is correct. Squid are scattered across the levels, and the player can obtain them. After the player uses them, they can be collected and reused again.


BPG Barraki Kalmah With Frying Pan

Kalmah wielding a pan

Cheat Codes exist in this game. The player must write the following cheats and then press enter.

  • iddqd - Makes the player invincible. Entered again, deactivates the cheat.
  • idkfa - Restores full life and gives the player a squid.
  • idclev - Skip to next level.
  • idseppuku - Lose a life.
  • idwmd - Defeats all enemies.
  • idburgerburger - Changes Kalmah's weapon to a frying pan. (This code does not work on any other Barraki.)

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