Barraki Promo CD is a promotional CD released in Finnish supermarkets in spring 2007, featuring the Barraki. Its

menus and content resemble and it is run in Flash.


The CD Art


Upon booting up the CD, a language selection of Danish, English, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish is shown. After selecting the language, the intro application, which was used also as a countdown on, will appear. After that, the main menu will appear. It includes the sections Products, Downloads, Game, and Movies. An image of Kalmah is displayed in the center, which will be replaced by a section's content when one is clicked. Below the image is a link back to the intro, a link to, LEGO logo and a copyright notice.


800px-BPCD Products

The products section

This section works the same as the products section on did. Barraki, Matoran, Hydruka, and warriors are the available categories. Each product has its page from the 2007 site, but unlike it, the Matoran and Hydruka have animations instead of just images. These are, however, only them spinning.

800px-BPCD Downloads

The downloads section


The downloads section has two categories: wallpapers and music. The wallpapers category includes wallpapers of all 2007 winter sets except Nocturn. The music category includes the alternative version of Creeping in my Soul. A piece of text instructs the viewer to go to for more downloads.

800px-BPCD Game

The game section


800px-BPCD Movies

The movies section

This section includes only the Creeps from the Deep game. A piece of text instructs the viewer to go to for more games.


The movies section includes three videos: Barraki: Creeps From the Deep, the squid shooting instruction video, and the Singing Squid video. A piece of text instructs the viewer to go to for more movies.

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