Barraki Teaser Game
Barraki Teaser Game
Online Game Information
Availability Retired
Platform Online,
Controls Mouse
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The Barraki Teaser Game was a teaser game posted on before its first 2007 update to promote the Barraki sets.


B teaser game

Kalmah as seen in the game.

In this game, the player controls a light which is used to find six doors with a octagonal niche on each. In the surrounding environment, the player finds a stone with a symbol that represents a Barraki. Each symbol collected is shown at a bar at the bottom of the screen. When the correct stone was fit into in the relating door, the door will open and one of the Barraki will appear with their respective name. The Barraki will then hide and the Barraki logo will appear. A new symbol became available every day until all of the Barraki were featured, after which the player is transported to the newly updated Since the game was to promote the 2007 update of there is no longer any gameplay.


Each figure in the octagonal stones represents one of the Barraki:

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