Species Information
ColorsWhite, Blue, Silver
HomelandSpherus Magna
Species StatusSentient activity

Baterra were mechanical shapeshifters created by the Great Beings.


After failing to end the war over the Energized Protodermis, the Great Beings created the Baterra and tasked them with killing every armed combatant of the war. After the Shattering, the Baterra became stuck on Bara Magna, but continued to attack armed inhabitants. When the Skrall moved north, the Baterra killed many of the leader class Skrall, leaving only Tuma to lead the Rock Tribe.

The Baterra ambushed their enemies by shapeshifting into a tree or something else that fit into the environment. Then, when an enemy strayed by, they quickly shapeshifted into their default form, killed the victim and shapeshifted back before anyone could see what had transpired.

Empire of the Skrall[]

B8 Baterra Skrall Fortress

Baterra entering a Skrall fortress

In Empire of the Skrall, Branar was sent on a mission by Tuma to find out if the Baterra were moving to the south or not. However, the Baterra were indeed moving to the south, and almost all his fellow Skrall warriors, and most of the Vorox were killed. The Baterra let Branar escape to send a warning to the Skrall. Later, Tuma and Stronius traveled North to find assistance from the Sisters of the Skrall in defeating the Baterra. They barely escaped from the group of female Skrall before they were ambushed by two Baterra. The pair were saved when Metus ran up and removed their weapons from them. It was then revealed that Baterra are programmed to only attack armed opponents. Metus then forced Tuma into giving him control over the Skrall, or he would unleash the Baterra upon them. This was most likely a bluff, as they would have attacked Metus as soon as he gained possession of the weapons to give to them.

Powers and Equipment[]

Baterra have the ability to shapeshift in order to camouflage themselves to their environment, and to aid in ambushing their victims. The Baterra were equipped with scythe-like claws, which could be used in melee combat.


  • Baterra was an ancient Skrall word that meant "silent death"; Stronius was the first to call them "Baterra."
  • The Great Beings based the Bohrok on the Baterra.
  • In default form, Baterra armor was silver/white in color.
  • Baterra were at one point supposed to make set appearance in 2010.