Battle for Power: Reveal the Secrets
Mistika Game
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Availability Unavailable
Platform Online,
Controls Arrow Keys, Space Bar
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Battle for Power: Reveal the Secrets was a game on that features the Mistika. The game is a racing game to get to portals. The game is divided into two parts, the official Story Levels and the user-created User Levels.

Story Levels[]

The story levels are divided into two parts, Story 1, which features the six Mistika as playable characters and enemies, and Story 2, which features the three vehicles (plus Vultraz) as playable characters and enemies.

Story 1[]

This story focuses on the Mistika Story

The video when starting begins with the Toa Nuva flying, Tahu holding a keystone. The Makuta then appear from the swamp water below. The Toa Nuva then fly toward the Codrex.

The main objectives are:

  1. Get the Keystone pieces.
  2. Beat the other Mistika from reaching the portal.
  3. Get to the Codrex.

Level 1[]

In the level, you must use your character to reach three parts of the keystone while dodging your foes.

Level 2[]

In this level, you play as one of the Mistika trying to get to a portal before your foe.

Level 3[]

In the final level, your objective is to reach the Codrex while avoiding Rahi enemies.

Playable Characters[]

Story 2[]

This story focuses on the Toa Nuva and Antroz after dicovering the vehicles.

The main objectives are

  1. Stop Antroz from escaping
  2. Cure the Shadow Matoran
  3. Escape Karda Nui

Level 1[]

In the first level, you chase Antroz and try to keep him from escaping the swamp.

Level 2[]

In level 2, you play as your selected vehicle finding Matoran, leading them back to the portal, curing them, and getting them out of Karda Nui.

Level 3[]

In the last level, you must use the power of vehicles to escape Karda Nui.

Playable Characters[]



  • Jetpacks - Increases speed
  • Armor - Increases strength
  • Ghostblasters - Increases firepower
  • Ki-Nui - Temporary invincibility


Each time a level is finished, a picture of a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or clear (if your score isn't high enough for one of the other ranks) Ignika will appear on the screen.


  • This is the first Bionicle game in which the player can create their own levels.
  • Mazeka is used as an enemy, when, canonically, he is a member of the Order of Mata Nui.
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