Battle of Ga-Koro
Conflict Bohrok War
Place Ga-Koro
Result Matoran victory, total annihilation of the Bohrok swarm.




  • none

  • All active Bohrok on Mata Nui

The Battle of Ga-Koro was a famous conclusive battle during the Bohrok War. Besieged by Pahrak and playing mind-games with the Pahrak Va, the Matoran were outnumbered and outmatched. When the swarm compromised the bridges and sunk the Boxors, the Matoran were forced to improvise. Using staffs and other stick-like objects, the Ga-Matoran and the Po-Matoran Koli Champion Hewkii forced the bridges up, dunking the non-buoyant Pahrak in the water, saving Macku, and inventing a new kind of Kolhii. However, the Pahrak destroyed Ga-Koro Waterfall and soon came aboard the mainland of Ga-Koro. At the last minute, the Toa Mata captured the Bahrag underground, ending the Bohrok War. A bright light shot from the Toa Suvas and all active Bohrok and Bohrok Va collapsed.


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