The Battle of Kini-Nui I
Conflict Rahi attempting to destroy Kini-Nui while the Toa Mata were inside
Place Kini-Nui
Result Matoran victory




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"Look, here come the Rahi!"

-Tamaru, when the Rahi appeared during the battle

Battle of Kini-Nui was fought between Matoran and Rahi at the Kini-Nui temple. The Toa Mata were ready to decend to Mangaia to fight Makuta Teridax and needed someone to guard Kini-Nui, beacuse the Rahi would try to destroy it. If the Kini-Nui would be destroyed, they wouldn't be able to come back. Luckily the Chronicler's Company was there to help the Toa Mata. After the Toa Mata left, the Rahi started coming in groups and Takua, Macku, Kapura, Taipu, Hafu, Kopeke and Tamaru defeated them with disks. After they defeated some groups, whole hordes of Rahi appeared. A Nui-Rama attacked them but was hit by Kongu leading the Le-Koro Gukko Force. Then the Onu-Koro Ussalry dug through the ground to the surface and started to fight. Next they heard Jaller's horn and the Ta-Koro Guard appeared. Takua was knocked out by a wounded Nui-Rama, but the Matoran managed to defeat the Rahi. After the battle, Takua regained consciousness and was informed by Onepu that something strange is going on in Onu-Koro. The Chronicler set off for Onu-Koro with Pewku.

The Battle of Kini-Nui was the largest conflict involving the Matoran of Mata Nui. Three of its participants (Jaller, Kongu, and Takua) would eventually become Toa.