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Biographical Information
Group Okotan
Mask powerless mask
Colors Green
Element/Powers Jungle (inaccessible)
Homeland Okoto
Tools N/A
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation N/A
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Bingzak was a young villager from a village in the Region of Jungle on the island of Okoto.


Bingzak's village was raided and destroyed by Skull Spiders. It was implied that he was the sole survivor, escaping with just his mask, though he was chased through the forest region by a group of Skull Spiders. As he was cornered, however, he was saved by Nilkuu, who was on his way to the Temple of Time. Bingzak then led Nilkuu to the temple after offering, the Protector thinking it wrong to leave the villager on his own.

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