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Bionicle Tooth Brush is not part of the BIONICLE storyline, which means that Bionicle Tooth Brush should not be used to support storyline details or other canon sources.


The Bionicle Toothbrushes were a series of electric spinning toothbrushes manufactured by Colgate as part of their promotion with the LEGO Bionicle theme in 2003 and 2004.

Product Info[]

The 2003 toothbrushes were based on three Toa Mata/Toa Nuva: Gali, Tahu, and Onua.

The 2004 toothbrushes were based on three Vahki: Rorzakh, Nuurakh, and Bordakh.


  • The classic Bionicle "head" served as a cover for each toothbrush of the 2003 line.
  • Each tooth brush from the 2003 line came with a Kanoka Nuva.
  • They have a "start" and "stop" button, with the "start" button having the three virtues symbol.
  • On the bottom half of the tooth brush were the picture icons for each character.
  • The 2004 line, however does not have a cover for the tooth brushes. Each toothbrush came with a Kanoka Disk Launcher and a Kanoka Disk instead.
  • All toothbrushes included 2 AA batteries to operate them. There is a panel on the toothbrush bottom to open and replace the batteries.