Black Spike Mountains
Location Information
Primary ResidentsBaterra, Sisters of the Skrall
Former ResidentsRock Tribe
LocationNorth of the Roxtus, South of the Valley of the Maze

The Black Spike Mountains was a mountain range located north of the desert on Bara Magna and the home to the Skrall.


The Black Spike Mountains was a mountain range located north of the dessert Bara Magna on Spherus Magna. When the Shattering occurred, Spherus Magna was split into several parts, the largest being what was once the desert Bara Magna and some more, including the Black Spike Mountains. The Skrall lived in the northern parts of these mountains, until the Baterra forced them to move down to the more southern parts of the region and moved in to Roxtus.

When Teridax was in control of the Matoran Universe and fought against Mata Nui, the Great Spirit managed to kill him by shattering the robot's head with a fragment of Aqua Magna. The colossal robot fell nearly fell onto the warriors fighting far below, but Mata Nui prevented this from happening, and heaved the robot up and backwards onto the Black Spike Mountains, destroying the majority of the range. The remaining mountains became the home of the Onu-Matoran.


  • In a comic book depicting the final battle on Bara Magna, the Matoran Universe didn't fall onto the Black Spike Mountains. Instead, it fell onto a large portion of the planet's desert.
    • In the same comic book, Mata Nui killed Teridax by forcing his body against Bota Magna, which was about to reconnect with Bara Magna to reform Spherus Magna. 
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