Blazer Claws
Weapon Information
PowerGenerating flames,
Charging Rhotuka
FunctionMelee combat
User(s)Toa Hordika Vakama (Formerly)

The Blazer Claws were Toa Metru Vakama's tools while he was transformed into a Toa Hordika. They were mutated from the Disk Launcher he used as a Toa Metru. They could be used to produce small but strong flames and to charge Rhotuka spinners. Toa Vakama had little control over the Claws, since they produced and ended a flame without Vakama being able to control it.

Vakama lost these when his mutations were undone by Keetongu.

Set Information[]

The "flame" part of the Claws were made of rubbery plastic, while the handle and main part was rigid. Two Blazer claws were included with the Vakama Hordika set. One was also included with the Raanu set. Another pair was included in the "Tower of Toa" set, only with the hard red component recolored black. The red versions were also included in the "Battle of Metru Nui" set.


  • A foam version of this tool was released in 2005 along with the foam Fin Barbs at certain LEGO outlets.
  • In 2009, this piece was reused as a sword for Raanu.
  • In BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows, Vakama only possessed one Blazer Claw.
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