Mailbust Mailbust 24 January 2015

Bionicle Countdown: Turaga

Hello everyone, Mailbust here with another Bionicle Countdown. This time I will be counting down my list of the Turaga.

Since they're all clone sets, I'm also going to have to judge them by personalities, tools, and masks. I will also prefice this by saying I do not poses any of the sets as of right now.

The Turaga, the wise, elderly leaders of the Koros, or at least so we think. But now is not the time to reveal their true nature. Now, it is time to begin the countdown.

  • 1 Turaga Vakama
  • 2 Turaga Nuju
  • 3 Turaga Onewa
  • 4 Turaga Matau
  • 5 Turaga Nokama
  • 6 Turaga Whenua

Kicking off this list is Turaga Vakama. Honestly dude, I know you've had trust issues ever since the Turaga Dume incident, but if the Toa Mata are risking their lives to protect you, shouldn't tha…

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Mailbust Mailbust 24 January 2015

Set Analysis: Summer 2015

Hello everyone, Mailbust here with my newest series, Set Analysis. For this series, I will anlyze every single picture leak we get for the next few waves of Bionicle. Each section will be split into three "parts", a descrition of the set, my thoughts on it, and then my hopes for the set. There will be no fixed date, as leakscan come at any given time, and this series will only "air" once or twice every six months.

Anyway, let's get started!

So, anyone who has been following Bionicle news would know that the summer Bionicle 2015 images were leaked yesterday (Friday). The link will be down below if you want to see them for your selves, but for now I will be giving my thoughts on these sets. If you disagree or have thoughts of your own, please …

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Mailbust Mailbust 11 January 2015

Bionicle Countdown: Rahi

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Bionicle Countdown! This week, I'll cover the Rahi of 2001. Since there were several Rahi over the years (I am counting combiners), I will do these for each and every Rahi from different years. Over a period of time, of course, not in one go.

The Rahi, as many of us know, are the first villains the Toa ever faced. Mind controlled by Makuta Teridax, they were really harmless creatures forced into slavery, untill freed by the Toa Mata.

5: The Tarakava: I'm sorry, but I absolutely HATED these things. Their slim bodies, their frail arms, the fact that they had treads, etc. And don't get me started on the function.

4: The Nui-Rama : Now we get out of the hate zone, and move on to the dislike zone. The Nui-Ram…

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Mailbust Mailbust 4 January 2015

Links for Bionicle Fans!

Hello everyone, Mailbust here again, this time with some links for, well, Bionicle fans.

Also, I would like to say that none of this is mine. You can credit me for directing you to one of thses things, but other then that, none of this is mine.


This link sends you to the Bionicle 2015 launch trailer and character videos in the same video, with no diolauge. What this mean is that all of the Toa's lines (such as, "I always stand firm") are replaced with the music that played during their character videos. This is mainly for anyone interested in fan dubbing the character videos, people who want to focus on the action, or just listen to the awesome music.

2: …

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Mailbust Mailbust 3 January 2015

Bionicle Countdown: Toa Mata

Hello everyone! My name is Mailbust, and today I bring you something, erm, different, I guess.

So, you've seen the title, right? You're probably thinking, "What do the Toa Mata have to do with this?" Well, my answer is they are part of my new "series", where I create a new blog post every week, listing my personal list of sets, from least favorite, to favorite.

I would like to prefice this post by saying that I do not own any of these sets (I plan to get a few, and I may edit this post if that happens, but untill then, it stays the way it is) and these are all my personal opinions. If you have any complaints, please politely tell me about them in the comment section, and I will adress them.

So, let's begin!

Ahh, the Toa Mata. The beggining for…

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Bioniclezilla76 Bioniclezilla76 13 December 2014

Characters You would Like to appear in the reboot!

The reboot is going to stay for a while now so let's see which characters we'd like to see return, especially as sets.

Then Krom: of all the imagless characters I want to see, Tren Krom is by far the one that makes me the most curious. He is probably the most interesting character of all bionicle to me, not the best or well developed, but the most interesting. It's mostly because of how out of place a love craft god with three eyes is. It has a different atmosphere an the usual and could get truly interesting if he becomes an antagonist. Bionicle hoards of Chtuhlu attacking the toa, who doesn't want that?

Helryx: We don't know too much about her, she's only the first toa AND the founder of the order of Mata Nui, I mean why should we even kno…

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Zimkiller1 Zimkiller1 15 November 2014

My rant on bionicle 2015

Before I start this rant I just want to say one thing: I am glad that bionicle is coming back, heck when I first saw it on facebook I was excited and was almost crying tears of joy because I was waiting 4 years for bionicles to come back. To me, it was going to be a good expansion on the story. The only grudge I have against it is this: it is a completly different story. Why change what I grew up? If some of you don't know the 2015 storyline then go search up bionicle 2015 on the wiki's search bar. If not, then let me sum it up: two mask makers, ekimu, the one with the mask of creation, and makuta, the one wearing the mask of control, were making masks for protectors on the island of okoto. Makuta was jealous because his brother was reciev…

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Awsometoa Awsometoa 8 November 2014

Visorak Battle Ram Alternate Model

Help me! I need the alternate model for the visorak battle ram! if anyone has it please post it on the visorak battle ram page under set info. he is a picture of the back of the box with the model on it (top left)

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ItsZee ItsZee 3 November 2014

Bionicle 2015

So I am excited for this new thing, I made custom gold masks:

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Hulk10 Hulk10 24 October 2014

Toa Metru

I think that Nokama and the other Toa Metru were much too hard on Vakama when they became Toa, they had no excuse for their behavior. Its a shame that it took the betrayel of Vakama to teach them the error of their ways. Norik should should have told them straight out that it was their fault that Vakama defected, as it was their fault.

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