Hulk10 Hulk10 24 October 2014

Toa Metru

I think that Nokama and the other Toa Metru were much too hard on Vakama when they became Toa, they had no excuse for their behavior. Its a shame that it took the betrayel of Vakama to teach them the error of their ways. Norik should should have told them straight out that it was their fault that Vakama defected, as it was their fault.

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ToaAuserv ToaAuserv 15 October 2014

Public Service Announcement: Fixing Links

Now that we've switched over to the (2001)/(2015) naming scheme rather than using (Reboot), there are a load of links that need to be fixed. For the most part the (2015) pages are good, but the (2001) pages have a ways to go. Here is some quick information on how to help.

  • 1 Affected pages
    • 1.1 Toa Mata/Toa Nuva
    • 1.2 And some others...
  • 2 Step-by-step guide

  • Tahu (moved to Tahu (2001))
  • Gali (moved to Gali (2001))
  • Lewa (moved to Lewa (2001))
  • Pohatu (moved to Pohatu (2001))
  • Onua (moved to Onua (2001))
  • Kopaka (moved to Kopaka (2001))
  • Toa (moved to Toa (2001))

  • Mask of Creation (moved to Mask of Creation (2007))
  • Mata Nui (island) (moved to Mata Nui (Location))
  • Mata Nui (being) (moved to Mata Nui (Being)) (done in main namespace, still appears on talk pages)
  • Mata Nui (s…

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The spy1 The spy1 15 October 2014

Why did LEGO just decide to reboot the story?

I kinda surprised that LEGO is just rebooting the story rather than continue from where the original series left off. When I first heard LEGO was gonna bring back BIONICLE, I thought they were gonna continue the story from where they left off. I wonder why they just decided to reboot the storyline entirely.   

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MAZEKA MAZEKA 11 October 2014

Rise of the Toa Spherus. (A story made by me)

This is a story set on Spherus Magna 5 years after the Bionicle stars series. I will make a few chapters at a time, if you like it please let me know and I will do another. When you click read more if, like it did with me, it comes up with a white page, just click on skip to content. (pictures of the characters can be found in the photos gallery).

(All the characters are still matoran at the start of the story)

Toa Mazeka

Tool: Ice-Blade

Role: Team leader

Personality: Since the Makuter were defeated, the rahkshi destroyed, the move to Spherus Magna, life has got boring for Mazeka. That is until he and his friends discover some Toa-Stones. Now with news that his enemy Vultraz has returned, he has the chance to finally end there conflict.

Toa Kir…

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Bioniclezilla76 Bioniclezilla76 11 October 2014

Personal Feelings About the Reboot...So Far

This will be editted more and more over time.

So as we all know, BIONICLE is in the process of returning or has depending on how you look at it. (For me it's when people can get a hold of the sets without having to contact lego themselves) and I see this reboot as generally quite promising and lego is trying unbelievably hard to appeal to the fans in a prophitable manner which gained me a lot of respect. I'll go by reviewing the sets, characters, and story. And story so far is the simplest so I'll start with that one. 

  • 1 Story
  • 2 Sets
    • 2.1 Tahu
    • 2.2 Gali
    • 2.3 Kopaka
    • 2.4 Pohatu
    • 2.5 Onua
    • 2.6 Lewa
    • 2.7 Lord of SKull Spiders and Skull SPiders
    • 2.8 Protectors
    • 2.9 Overall
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Edits

Not going to go into specifics of the story but what I like and dislike. First of all t…

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ToaAuserv ToaAuserv 10 October 2014

Please Read and Comment: To-Do List Following Reboot Announcement

Hi everyone. As you're obviously aware of by now, today was the big day and we finally have confirmation that BIONICLE 2015 is a reboot as well as some basic information about the story. I'm just speaking as a member of the community here, but since no one else has done this yet I figured I'd take the opportunity to get this out there to save an admin the trouble of writing it up. As follows is a rough list of things that need to happen regarding the 2015 information in no particular order. Some of this stuff people can be doing now, and others I think we should talk about as a community.

  • 1 The To-Do List
    • 1.1 Naming Scheme
    • 1.2 Other Incarnations
    • 1.3 Templates
    • 1.4 Articles we still need
    • 1.5 Protections
    • 1.6 New theme and general TBW improvements
  • 2 TL;DR
    • 2.1 T…

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Dr. Anonymous1 Dr. Anonymous1 9 October 2014

Thoughts on Reboot?

OK, so it seems we have both our characters and story for 2015. What are everyone's opinions on this? Do you like this new direction, or do you think they should have stuck to the original story? What changes would you want, and what do you like/dislike about this 2015 version?

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Shadowmaster Shadowmaster 5 October 2014

Major Revisions

Hey, guys. I'm Shadowmaster. You may (and probably don't) know me as one of the administrators and bureaucrats of the Custom BIONICLE Wiki. With the impending return of BIONICLE (and, in addition, with the fact that this wiki shows up before BIONICLESector01 in Google searches), it goes without saying that this wiki may be getting some new activity as 2015 arrives. What does this mean for all of us?

Well, it means we need to step up the game. I'm not going to sugarcoat anything: as a result of BIONICLE's end for the past several months, years, even, this wiki has been severely lacking in terms of user activity, and its pages have been very lacking in content and quality. It's really not very debatable. BS01 is constructed of a far more acti…

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ToaAuserv ToaAuserv 1 October 2014

Remember me?

Sup everyone. It's been almost 6 years since I left, but hey, Bionicle's coming back so I figured I might too. If you never knew me, I was a major player in bringing this site back from near death when it was still called Bioniclepedia, and I was one of the guys who ultimately made the decision that made it not called Bioniclepedia anymore. I was a sysop, eventually bureaucrat, and Site Leader from 2007 to 2009ish. And now I'm back.

I don't really have anything else to say here. If new Bionicle is to my liking, I think I'll help out with adding the new information. I'm sure we're not too active here anymore, but maybe that can change with the advent of the new story. If nothing else, I'm kind of curious to see the state of the community aft…

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ToaMatau2004 ToaMatau2004 28 September 2014

Is this enough proof? :P

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