MAZEKA MAZEKA 21 September 2014

The return of bionicle 2015

So it is confirmed bionicle is returning next year!!! (If only it were this year). Sets include the Toa Mata with a whole new look, the mysterious Protectors and the skull spiders.

Each of the Toa sets contains a golden version of the Kanohi that, that Toa is wearing. Based on this I think this series is going to be something to do with a quest for Kanohi masks and the Mask of Creation is going to make an appearance somewhere in the storyline.

here is a link to some pictures of next years sets. (Kopaka looks coolest).

So those are next years bionicles (if you haven't already, click on the link). As you can see they are built with Hero factory pieces (WHAT!!!) but other than that they look pr…

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Bioniclezilla76 Bioniclezilla76 11 September 2014

Trustful source!

From what I can tell this seems to be a very trustful resource that collects information and news about bionicle very quickly like finding answered questions to Greg Farshtey quite fast.

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Dadaw Dadaw 17 August 2014

some own have this mask ?

is mask dont have pictrue but now i add thet the mask is the dark blue toa metro vakma mask

if you have thet tall me and form where you get it ( i dont remember foem where )

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Ciaranhappy! Ciaranhappy! 27 July 2014

bionicle leak full colour


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Starscream7 Starscream7 26 July 2014

BIONICLE Will Return in 2015!!!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Starscream7, also known as LordStarscream100 on YouTube. I am a rollbacker here, although I have not been around for over two years. Now, I have returned with the confirmation of BIONICLE's return! 

I will not provide any details on the sets that are featured in this picture, as you are likely to find them elsewhere. But I will say that with everyone's hopes and faith in the series over the past four years, its return is a tremendous announcement. My biggest hope is that they can actually pull off the return and make it awesome. Will this happen? Only time will tell. But the return in itself is fantastic enough. 

Feel free to post your thoughts below. UNITY DUTY DEST…

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The spy1 The spy1 14 July 2014

Bionicle leak

I don't know if this has reached the wiki yet so I figure I'd post this just in case. But there has been speculation for BIONICLE to be coming back in 2015, no one knows if this is a hoax or not as LEGO as far as I know has not said anything about it (if they even know about the leak) but this the picture that has been going around EVERYWHERE (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) by fans and it does appear to be real. Though hopefully this isn't a hoax and LEGO is finally bringing BIONICLE back.  

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JohnWhitaker JohnWhitaker 5 July 2014

Bionicle 2015 - TTV Podcast

Guys, come into this with extreme skepticism (well, maybe not extreme, but some). It is pretty self explanatory, I am not apart of TTV but this needs to be posted here. Guys. Seriously. Listen. I feel hopeful. 


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PolarMonkey PolarMonkey 26 May 2014

BIONICLE HALO MOD- Your favorite toy rendered to play your moves

    • 1.1 UPDATED LIST
    • 1.2 CONCEPT DRAWINGS: (to the right)
    • 1.3 MODING HALO 

If you have not played halo yet, you should. There are many ways you can get halo, but the best your going to do is search "halo custom edition portable" in your search browser and look for a legitimate download, I think i found mine on fileplannet. You will feel better after you have the best video game on the plannet, mainly because it can have bionicles on it.

As a kid, I did not like the popular video games and movies about bionicle that were made by lego. I had always wished there to be an online multiplayer game like halo where you could pick your map and fight as a biological/mechanical robot. Now that I am older and a little bit crazier, I thought I w…

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Bio-mech Matthew Riley Bio-mech Matthew Riley 19 May 2014

Has anybody seen FireSpitter?

Has, um, anybody seen firespitter?  He's my pet kanohi Dragon and and can't seem to find him anywhere.  To say the least his current status is black flag, which in military terms means "Missing in Action", I think.  If anyboby sees a large, four winged, bio-mechanical, flying reptile with a serise of red and black Quaza Spikes running along his back, then please, call the following number to report it so i can get my... my... (sniff), favorite little Firey-wirey-spity-wittty back, (sniff), (sob).  Uhh, oops, the rest of you didn't hear that part about what i call Firespitter when no one else is around.  The number you are to call if you see him is: 1-888-4-HEROFACTORY.  Thank you, I will be posting this message on other wikis so hopefully …

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JediToa JediToa 19 April 2014

what should I name this?

I am trying to name this moc.  Any ideas?.

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