Toa Winklemeyer Toa Winklemeyer 1 July 2013


As Keplers linked me to this wiki during his talk show, I noticed some pages were edited by contributors. About five or six pages were vandalized and replaced with "Yalls been hact." or ":)". Thanks to Keplers though, everything has been restored. And, as you should know, Anonymous contributing will be turned of tomorrow, so no more of this. (XP) Just wanted to notify you guys, thanks for reading. :)

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ToaRua ToaRua 29 May 2013

BIONICLE Test of Knowledge

ToaRua's Bionicle Test of Knowledge

How much do your truly know of the Legend of the Bionicle? This quiz will test your understanding of the more obsucre elements of the story. Ten questions related directly to each year if the story, for a total of one hundred questions are provided. Can you answer them all without consulting the wiki?


1. What were Tahu's first thoughts about his Fire Sword upon his arrival on Mata Nui?

a. A useful tool.

b. A truly elegant weapon.

c. (Not mentioned.)

d. Stupid hunk of metal.

2. What is a 'Goko-Kahu' ?

a. An insect-like Rahi.

b. Another term for the Kewa Bird, a subspecies of Gukko. 

c. A tool used by Matoran, similar to a Volo Lutu.

d. (Not a real Bionicle term.) 

3. Where did Onua call the other Toa Mata to gath…

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ToaOfTime ToaOfTime 2 April 2013

Elements and mask's

What elemental power and mask would you have?

I would have iron and either a tryna or a garai.

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John Avery Whitaker John Avery Whitaker 20 March 2013

Calling all Minecrafters!

Calling all Minecrafters! I am starting the project of the decade. Building a Matoran Universe as a Minecraft server. This is a huge project so I will need all who are willing. Email me at

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ToaOfTime ToaOfTime 18 March 2013

Bionicle weapons

Hi, just wanted to know if you could show me how to make a simple bionicle weapon out of a few bits and pieces>


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ToaOfTime ToaOfTime 14 March 2013

Favourite bionicle characters/tools/weapons/films please

Hi all, just want to know what everyone's favourite bionicle character/weapon/tool/film is please. Thanks!

Can you tell me what your favourite mask is too please!

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ToaOfTime ToaOfTime 13 March 2013

Recommended bionicle sets please

Hi, i already have quite a lot of sets, but i want to know which ones are recommended for me. Here are some i have:-



Toa hordika matau and vakama

Toa metru vakama, matau, whenua and nokama

Fero and skirmix

Rahkshi lerahk, vorakh and panrakh

Piraka zaktan, avak and vezok

nivawk and turaga dume

vahki nuurakh and zadakh

and about 15 others

Would love some recommendations, thanks.

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John Avery Whitaker John Avery Whitaker 27 February 2013

BioFan International

What we need are Bionicle Fan groups around the world, so local memebers can get together and discuss things with others like them. One in each city. Does anyone else like this idea?

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John Avery Whitaker John Avery Whitaker 27 February 2013

What happened to Bioniclestory?

Guys anyone know what happened to theyve stopped posting stories. 

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Amanda113122 Amanda113122 6 February 2013


I notice we are missing a lot of navigation templates for a couple of articles. I know the island of Mata Nui and Metru Nui's articles probably have two or three navigation templates (Ga-Metru, Ta-Metru/Koro, and Le-Metru).

So maybe hopefully tonight or tomorrow, I will try to create the missing navigation templates....

Update: I have finish creating the Ko-Metru and Ko-Koro templates. Please know that I will not have them here until I have finish creating all or most of the templates (much easier if they all were made and then place them in here at the same time).

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