TheMG TheMG 14 January 2013

Current Location Unknown and similar content

I just saw somebody add that a character's current location unknown. There isn't really a rule about this kind of thing, so I do not mean to call out the editor who added it, since they technically did nothing wrong. However, this kind of thing seems unnecessary to state in the article. There were a large amount of beings living in the Matoran Universe, and most of them are unaccounted for as a result. It should really go without saying. This kind of filler content should really be avoided

I know similar type things are in other articles, so I will talk about them when I see them.

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Ivjub Ivjub 4 January 2013

Someone is totaly hacking

Ok I just logged on to see that "I" edited pages but i didnt! Yes it was vandalism but I swear someone hacked me! Help!

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Ivjub Ivjub 3 January 2013

The Nimrod-0 Suspicion

Just to start things off I apologize for my lack of activity. But anyway lets cut straight to the chase. We... Well I have looked at some activity and heard about the "hacking" of Bluejagwa. I have no idea if these rumors are true or not. The only thing I know is that if Nimrod-0 is hacking, we are all at risk. But however, Nimrod-0 has hardly any edits under his new account. Because of that, it seems he no longer has any interest in this wiki. I just simply want to see the thoughts of the community.

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Stormbringer Empire791 Stormbringer Empire791 17 December 2012

Kabaya Va - Question

I wasn't sure If I should make a page for this combiner, because I don't think that it appears in the storyline. However, it is an official combiner model from 2002. It's the combiner for Tahnok Va, Nuhvok Va, Gahlok Va, and Lehvak Va.

I'm not even sure the actualt name is Kabaya Va, or even if the combiner has an official name, because Kabaya is a company name.

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Bane7 Bane7 4 December 2012

Bring Bionicle Back comic

I have just made a new comic on Comicfury called,"Bring Bionicle Back!" It already has four strips and I update it daily. I hope I can convince Lego to bring Bionicle back for us fans. It already has almost 70 hits and 11 visitors on it. I will try and update it as much as I can so it can grow and have lots of fans who want Bionicle back.

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Stormbringer Empire791 Stormbringer Empire791 28 November 2012

Wiki Chat

I'm not sure why we don't have a chat already. Hopefully it'll attract more editors my adding one. I'm not sure. And yes, I am aware of what it takes to manage a chat, and I'll be willing to mod, and possibly I'll make a Bot too. Comment on what you think, maybe the admins here might eventually add a chat to this wiki.


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JediToa JediToa 20 November 2012

Things you should know about me

Hi JediToa here

I'm so very sorry for all the trouble with the vandalism I accidentally caused. To all contributors I have some things to tell you.

  1. The reason I wanted to become a rollbacker was to quickly rollback vandals. However, I did not know every detail and I should have reviewed User:MarioGalaxy2433g5's description of rollback more carefully.
  2. Despite knowing a significant amount of stuff about Bionicle, Lego, and editing, I am always still learning.
  3. This is not an excuse or anything but I am not perfect. Sorry.

Lastly, I want to say thanks to User:Amanda113122 for her help with me getting this far.

Also I would like to recognize User:Blahmarrow because I would not have wrote this had it not been for his courage in revealing he was also H…

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Jefforyduck Jefforyduck 28 October 2012


I have come across GIFs of all the Piraka and three Inika from VNOLG walking and two walking GIFs of Avak and Hakann from another game.

would these be worth adding to their character's pages?

Along with those, I have screenshots of all six Bohrok desktop toys, all six kanohi desktop toys, and three Takua desktop toys.

would those also be worth using?

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SmackmyToaTahu SmackmyToaTahu 19 October 2012

where did it go?

I was looking at my Bionicle collection and remembering how much fun I had when I was younger. Those are the memories I'll keep forever. It was such a big part of my childhood that it seems like every sight, sound, smell, every emotion I have and every day no matter rainy or sunny reminds me of Bionicles. Now most people might not care, but Bionicle brought me some of the most intense joy I have ever experienced. And as I sit here, I wonder, where did it all go?

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Dregran Dregran 4 October 2012

Another Update from Wikia. Oh joy.

Another update by Wikia that we had no choice in and probably could do better without. Yay. I just love these.

As some of you may have noticed, we now have the Expanded Navigation at the top. The big blue thing instead of the dropdown menus.

It's not all that bad. I think it looks nice. But I'm making this blog post so you guys don't think the admins have done something without telling anyone. That would be mean.

So uh, that's it. We may change a few links around in the future, but at this stage it looks just fine.

Happy editing, -- (Talk) 13:12, October 3, 2012 (UTC)
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