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Species Information
ColorsGreen and blue
HabitatJungles, areas with plants
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Bo-Matoran were Matoran with innate Plantlife powers. No Bo-Matoran have appeared in the BIONICLE universe yet, but according to logic, since there were Toa of Plantlife, there must be Matoran as well. Bo-Matoran would live in areas with lots of plants. They also had a better understanding of plants such as poisons. Their colors were green and blue. Due to having minute Plantlife powers, Bo-Matoran had a natural immunity to organic poisons and venoms. [citation needed]

Known Bo-Matoran

  • An Unknown Bo-Matoran that became a Toa of Plantlife that guarded the Makoki Stone. He was killed by a Frostelus.
  • An Unknown Bo-Matoran that became a Toa Mangai of Plantlife. He was killed by "Eliminator"

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