Bohrok Kaita Ja
Kaita Ja
Biographical Information
Species Bohrok
Group Bohrok
Mask None
Colors Blue, green, white
Element/Powers Acid, Ice, Water
Homeland '
Occupation '
Tools Bohrok Shields
Location '
Status Defused
Pronunciation '

Bohrok Kaita Ja was a fusion of a Bohrok Lehvak, Kohrak, and Gahlok.

This version is not known to have ever been formed, though its existence was known. The only version known to have been formed was Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja, formed by Kohrak-Kal, Lehvak-Kal, and Gahlok-Kal to fight Wairuha Nuva.

Powers and Equipment

A Kaita Ja would have had the powers of all three Bohrok that was formed from it: Acid, Ice, and Water. Like all Bohrok, they would have had one Krana, which would be a Ja. They carried around two Bohrok Shields.

Set Information

  • The Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal versions were released as combiner sets.

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