Bohrok Kaita Za
Kaita Za
Biographical Information
Species Krana (Bohrok)
Group Bohrok
Mask None
Colors Red, black, and brown
Element/Powers Fire, Earth, Stone
Homeland Mata Nui
Occupation Cleanser of Mata Nui
Tools Fire Shields
Location N/A
Status Not formed
Pronunciation ZAH
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A Bohrok Kaita Za was the fusion of a Bohrok Tahnok, Pahrak, and Nuhvok. Despite it being known that they exist, none of this Bohrok Kaita have been formed in the storyline.

Powers and Equipment[]

If a Kaita Za had been formed, it would have carried two Fire Shields and wielded the elements of the Bohrok it was made up of: Fire, Earth, and Stone. It would be controlled by a Krana Za.

Set Information[]

  • One was released as a combiner set with the Bohrok.

External Links[]

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