Bohrok Va
Species Information
HabitatMata Nui
Tools and AbilitiesVarious hand-held tools, Krana
Pronunciationboh-rok vah

Bohrok Va served as scouts for the Bohrok. They also supplied Krana to the Bohrok who had lost their own. Unlike the Bohrok, Bohrok Va were not controlled by Krana. Each of the six breeds had its own Va counterpart. The Bohrok Va also replaced the Krana-Kal of the Bohrok-Kal in both of the two instances where one lost their Krana-Kal. Unlike Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal, the Bohrok Va did not control any Elemental powers. After the defeat and imprisonment of the Bahrag, the Bohrok Va helped in rebuilding the Matoran villages. But unlike the Bohrok, the Bohrok Va were not controlled by the Krana, and were thereby not susceptible to the Matoran's reprogramming. The Bohrok Va used the opportunity to scout out the villages.

When the Bohrok-Kal awakened, the Bohrok Va aided them by bringing them Krana-Kal. They later reactivated when the Bahrag were awakened by the Toa Nuva.


There were six types of Bohrok Va, one for each corresponding type of Bohrok:

Set Information[]

  • By twisting an arm, the user could flick the set's Krana a max of 21 inches in front of the Bohrok. All Krana fit on the original headpieces.
  • Each Bohrok Va had a headpiece matching its respective bohrok's shield.

Bohrok Swarm
Bohrok: Normal: TahnokPahrakNuhvokLehvakGahlokKohrak
Kaita: Bohrok Kaita ZaBohrok Kaita Ja
Bohrok Va: Normal: Tahnok VaPahrak VaNuhvok VaLehvak VaGahlok VaKohrak Va
Kaita: Bohrok Va Kaita
Bohrok-Kal: Normal: Tahnok-KalPahrak-KalNuhvok-KalLehvak-KalGahlok-KalKohrak-Kal
Kaita: Bohrok-Kal Kaita ZaBohrok-Kal Kaita Ja
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