Bone Hunter
Fero and Skirmix
Species Information
ColorsBlack, grey
HabitatBara Magna desert
Tools and AbilitiesSwords,
Thornax Launchers

Bone Hunters were nomads living in the desert of Bara Magna. Bone Hunters were not members of the Agori race, but were related to the Rock Tribe. They raided trade caravans, and on occasion, villages, in pursuit of food, weapons, and other items. During these raids, they usually killed the traders and witnesses present. They also captured Glatorian and Agori for the citizens of Roxtus and brought them to the Skrall Arena. Bone Hunters were the primary consumers of Thornax stew, and rode creatures called Rock Steeds.

The Agori Metus persuaded the Bone Hunters to ally with the Skrall. The alliance was very formidable, and would have conquered all of Bara Magna had it not been for the efforts of Mata Nui, who united the other tribes to defeat the Skrall and the Hunters. They have since regained their nomadic ways, but on a much lesser scale.

Bone Hunters have their own language aside from the Agori Language. It is guttural and scratchy.

Known Bone Hunters[]


  • The Bone Hunters were voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn.
  • In BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, all Bone Hunters shared the same armor design as Atakus.
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