Book of Certavus
SoC Book of Certavus
Item Information
Primary User(s)Certavus
Primary LocationBara Magna
FunctionalitiesRecord of Certavus' battle strategies

The Book of Certavus was a book written by the prime Glatorian Certavus. Certavus had written all of his strategies in it. Certavus used the book to record all of his fighting techniques and ideas. He eventually left the book in a training area, which later fell out of use.

Later Tuma sent a Skrall patrol to find it whom ended up failing. Later on, an Agori named Berix found a scrap of parchment from the book with Certavus' name on it. He later showed the piece to Gresh, and the two decided to try to find it. Eventually, they came to the training area in which Certavus had left the book. After finding it, Berix offered it to Gresh, but he didn't want it, as he had already figured out what the book would tell him.