Bota Magna
TLR. Movie. Bota Magna
Location Information
Primary ResidentsAgori, Glatorian, Skrall, Vorox, Zesk
Former ResidentsElement Lord of Jungle
LocationNorthern Spherus Magna
PronunciationBOH-tah MAHG-nah

Bota Magna, or the Great Jungle, was originally a forest region of Spherus Magna, and after The Shattering became a moon of Bara Magna. Later, Mata Nui returned it to its original position on Spherus Magna.


Bota Magna was originally the name of a jungle on Spherus Magna. This jungle was home to the Jungle Tribe. There was also a mountain range in Bota Magna, which hosted the Rock Tribe. The Iron Tribe and the Earth Tribe also lived here. The Great Being who touched the Ignika was imprisoned here in a cell for going insane. A tribe of Vorox, led by Kabrua, also ended up here after the Shattering. The conditions on Bota Magna kept them from regressing like the Bara Magna Vorox. They also built a city on the planet.

Due to the Core War the Shattering occurred, Bota Magna together with the Northern Frost broke loose from the rest of Spherus Magna, and formed a moon, which would later be known only as Bota Magna. In Reign of Shadows, a Great Being sensed Vezon with the Olmak. He then used his power of speaking between dimensions to contact Vezon. To try and free the Great Being, Vezon recruited Miserix, Axonn, Brutaka, Artakha, Lewa, Helryx, Tuyet, Kapura, and Hafu, beings that were shot out of space by Teridax (with the exception of Lewa, who went out on purpose).

Later, during the final battle on Bara Magna, a Gravity blast from Teridax struck the moon and pulled it back towards Bara Magna. Along with the moon of Aqua Magna, Bota Magna rejoined Bara Magna to construct Spherus Magna. Giant bio-mechanical creatures created by the Great Beings watched as areas where trees didn't grow anymore, grew again.

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