A Boxor with Nuparu at the controls.
Item Information
Primary User(s)Onu-Matoran
Primary LocationMata Nui
FunctionalitiesCombating Bohrok

Boxor were vehicles designed by Nuparu for defense against the Bohrok. Nuparu discovered an inactive Gahlok during the Bohrok siege of Onu-Koro, and thus discovered that the Bohrok were non-living machines meant to work with the Krana. With aid from Onepu and Taipu, Nuparu modified the Gahlok shell into a combat vehicle for use against the Bohrok. The Boxor works by using powerful punches to dislodge a Bohrok's Krana. Boxors were used successfully in the liberation of Onu-Koro and Le-Koro, but were defeated by Pahrak in Ga-Koro (as the Boxors sank in deep water). The Boxors were later used against the Bohrok-Kal, but were not very successful. Nuparu continued to make and modify Boxors until the Rahkshi appeared and the Matoran left the island. Some of the Boxors were brought to Metru Nui as a defense force.

Set Information[]

Alternate Boxor

An alternate model of the Boxor.

  • The Boxor was released in 2002 as one of the three titan sets. It was set number 8556.
  • The Boxor set contained 157 pieces.
  • Nuparu, included in the set, was built in the same style as the 2001 promotional McDonalds sets, but did not come with a Bamboo Disk.
  • Instructions for an alternate model of the Boxor were included.

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