Brotherhood Tablet of Transit
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Item Information
Primary User(s)Brotherhood of Makuta servants
Primary LocationUnknown
FunctionalitiesGuarantee safe passage

A Tablet of Transit was a small stone carved with the symbol of the Brotherhood of Makuta. The tablet signified that the bearer was an ally of the Brotherhood; therefore, anyone carrying one could not be detained by a Brotherhood member for any reason.


Barraki Takadox received a Brotherhood Tablet of Transit in return for revealing the League of Six Kingdoms' plan to rebel against the Great Spirit, ensuring that when the Brotherhood's army defeated the League, Takadox could prove that he had helped the Brotherhood and thus escape punishment. It was eventually destroyed by Makuta Teridax.

Another Tablet was used by Vican when he went to Destral to summon Icarax.

Makuta Krika offered one to Gali Nuva when he was willing to let her leave Karda Nui, after defeating her and warning that the future bode ill should Mata Nui awaken.