Hard to spot and hard to capture. They know the cables well and can disappear into them in an instant. Although climbers are my specialty, Bomonga has been a great help in catching these with his ability to stay completely still for hours at a time and lure them close. Total surprise is the only way to snare a Cable Crawler.
— Rahaga Iruini
Cable Crawler
Cable Crawler
Species Information
ColorsBlack, Dark Red, Silver, Grey
WeaponsClaws, Ability to unleash blasts of energy that can distort balance and also cause vertigo
Species StatusUnknown

Cable Crawlers were strange climbing-type Rahi.


Cable Crawlers were bizarre creatures that were created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the numerous Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.

In Metru Nui, the Cable Crawlers lived in the cables that were above and overlooking Le-Metru. They were also known to nest in cargo holds of Matoran airships and ate shipments of Rahi bound by air to the Archives. (This was not known until the Matoran opened the cargo hold of an airship only to discover its a shipment of Rahi devoured by Cable Crawlers.)

They normally leave the Matoran alone, but were considered pests by the Matoran due to the Cable Crawlers' habit of using their claws to slice through thick power cables into pieces when searching for food.

Abilities and Traits[]

Cable Crawlers are nocturnal and mostly can be seen hunting at night. They had the ability to unleash blasts of energy that distort balance and often can cause vertigo to its enemies. The Cable Crawlers used this ability to quickly overcome small preys or other climbing-type Rahi and to distract larger predators by distorting their sense of balance; allowing the Cable Crawlers to quickly escape.

Set Information[]

  • The Cable Crawler can be built using pieces from Vakama and Whenua Hordika sets.


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