Biographical Information
Species Bohrok
Group Bahrag
Mask None
Colors Blue
Element/Powers Fire, Water, Acid, Earth, Stone and Ice
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation One of two Queens of the Swarms
Tools None
Location Mata Nui
Status Alive
Pronunciation kah-dohk

Cahdok was the blue one of the two Bahrag sisters, a queen of the Bohrok swarms.


The Bahrag were created by the Great Beings to lead the Bohrok swarms.

The Bohrok WarEdit

When Teridax awakened the Bohrok, the Bahrag were the ones who assigned them the task of "cleansing" Mata Nui (Location). Although the Matoran and Toa tried fighting back, they couldn't stop them for good.

Kopaka discovered the location of the Bahrag's lair after following a Bohrok Va.

Before fighting the Bahrag, the Toa Mata donned powerful machines known as Exo-Toa. During the fight, however, the Exo-Toa's weapons proved to be useless against the Bahrag. The Toa then realized the Exo-Toa kept them from using their elemental powers, and they exited the machines. The Toa then imprisoned the Bahrag in a special Toa Seal known as the Nuva Cube.


After the defeat of the Bahrag, six special, elite Bohrok, the Bohrok-Kal, were awakened. Their purpose was to awaken the Bahrag, should they be imprisoned. The six Bohrok went to each Wahi and stole the Toa Nuva's Nuva Symbols. However, before they could awaken the Bahrag using the seals, they were defeated by the Toa Nuva, who channeled their powers through the symbols.


One of the tasks on the Scroll of Preparations was to "clean" Mata Nui using the Bohrok. The Toa Nuva then went to the Bohrok nest and freed the Bahrag, who unleashed the swarms on Mata Nui.

Powers and EquipmentEdit

Cahdok, like her sister, had control over the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Stone, Air, and Ice. Additionally, she possessed the powers of Acid, telepathic control over the Krana, and a symbiotic connection to Gahdok.

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