...Oh, how did you learn to do that move?"
"It's the mask--lets me do things others can't.

Hakann and Jaller, Comic 3: Showdown

Toa Inika Jaller's organic Great Calix
Mask of Fate
Power(s)Let user perform at physical peak
Notable Wearer(s)Jaller (fomerly), Varian

The Kanohi Calix was the Mask of Fate. It gave its user the power to perform acts at the absolute top of their natural physical abilities, better than almost any unenhanced member of their species. This let them pull off feats others considered impossible, such as incredible leaps or dodges. While it did not allow the user to do something impossible, it did alter probability to aid them.

Example Usage

Great: In BIONICLE Legends 3: Power Play, Jaller used his Calix to mostly dodge a combined blast of power from Hakann and Thok.

Known Wearers



  • Matoran Jaller - Formerly on Karzahni; transformed into an organic Great version when he became a Toa Inika.
  • Matoran Varian - Formerly; transformed into Great version when she became a Toa.
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