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Capital City was the former main city of Okoto, and was located in the Region of Stone. It was known to have been home to a museum which-at the time of Battle of the Mask Makers-was hosting an exhibition of ancient Masks of Power. Makuta visited the city at the invitation of its chief, and chose the event to unveil and don his Mask of Ultimate Power. Arriving just as Makuta had done so, Ekimu acted quickly and used the Hammer of Power to knock the mask from Makuta's face. The resulting destruction of the mask opened a rift that drew the Capital City-and possibly its many inhabitants, Makuta included-into the Shadow Realm, leaving a depression that became known as the Black Crater.

Makuta and other denizens of the Shadow Realm made the city their home in the centuries following Makuta's imprisonment, and gathered here as Makuta was preparing to make his escape. Gali, whose spirit had been drawn into the Shadow Realm by Makuta's power, also visited the city and witnessed his address to his minions. She then entered a temple within the city and was able to view the Prophecy of Heroes in its entirety, enabling her to advise her fellow Toa on what needed to be done to stop Makuta.