Caravan Crawler
Caravan Crawler
Species Information
GroupPiraka, Rahi
ColorsDark blue, silver, red, gray, black
WeaponsZamor Launcher
Species StatusUnknown

The Caravan Crawler was a modified Lava Crawler.


Several Lava Crawlers were modified into Caravan Crawlers; each one carried a Zamor Launcher equipped by the Piraka. However, their shells had to be partially cut away to equip these launchers. The Piraka then re-purposed them as war machines and used them to fight on various locations on Voya Nui, but they were hard to control for the Piraka, as they were ill-tempered creatures whom were easily distracted by the lava streams of Mount Valmai.

Set InformationEdit

This Rahi could be built from the playsets, 8892 Piraka Outpost and 8893 Lava Chamber Gate from instructions found only in the September-October 2006 issue of the Lego Brickmaster magazine.


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