Cave Shrike
Cave Shrike
Species Information
ColorsGrey, black, silver
HabitatCaves, desert
Tools and AbilitiesWings

Cave Shrikes were a species of predatory birds on Spherus Magna.


The Cave Shrike was a bird on Spherus Magna before the Shattering, and afterwards it was one of the few animals to still thrive on the newly created planet of Bara Magna.

While on the way to Tesara during Mata Nui's training, Ackar pointed out a Cave Shrike to him and was able to predict which way it was going to turn by watching the Shrike closely. He tried to use this observation as a lesson to Mata Nui in reading his opponent's moves in battle.

Abilities and Traits[]

Cave Shrikes hoard food in stockpiles, but do not fight for them unless eggs are in the stockpile. They are known to glide over the sand dunes for days in erratic patterns to escape notice while in search of food. They hunt small animals, and catch them by diving swiftly down at them; should they miss, they immediately flee, for their thin bodies cannot withstand most counterattacks.

They have a habit of twitching their wing in the direction that they will fly in.


  • The Cave Shrike was created by BZPower member Hot Pants and was entered into The Chronicler German BIONICLE fan magazine's "Desert Birdwatching" contest where participants were asked to create a description and name of the bird seen in Challenge of Mata Nui.
  • Swords made from Cave Shrike feathers are brittle, but seen as great prizes, as the Glatorian who takes a feather must be able to predict the bird's attack and counter it without injury.
  • The Cave Shrike seen in the picture above was created by user Kranarahk