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Species Information
ColorsBlue and gold
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

Ce-Matoran were Matoran of Psionics and had innate Psionics powers. No particular Ce-Matoran have been seen, but since there were Toa of Psionics, there must have been Matoran as well. Although not familiar in places such as Metru Nui, Mata Nui, Voya Nui, or Mahri Nui, Ce-Matoran have existed elsewhere.

Ce-Matoran were blue and gold in color. After Orde, all Ce-Matoran were female. Due to the miniscule amounts of Elemental Psionics energy in them, a Ce-Matoran's mind was automatically shielded from mental intrusion.

Known Ce-Matoran


  • Their prefix, "Ce-," derives from "cerebrum", a pivotal part of the brain that controls higher functions.

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