Cendox V3
Item Information
Primary User(s)Crotesius
Primary LocationSpherus Magna
FunctionalitiesArena matches, transportation

The Cendox was a type of vehicle used on Bara Magna.


Cendox vehicles were vehicles used by the Fire Tribe in the Core War on Spherus Magna, but most were lost in battles.

Cendox V1[]

After the Shattering, Crotesius, an Agori of the Fire Tribe, discovered a buried vehicle and hired Berix, an Agori of the Water Tribe, to help him excavate it. Crotesius claimed the vehicle as his own for use in Arena Matches.

He later christened it the "Cendox V1", after the Agori word for "serpent strike."

Outfitting it with spare parts won by his tribe in matches against the Water Tribe and Jungle Tribe, he became very emotionally attached to the vehicle, treating it as if it were a living being. One year he drove it to victory in the vehicle division of the Great Tournament.

Crotesius later piloted the Cendox V1 in a practice match against Kirbraz and Scodonius in their Kaxium V3. Although the two Water Tribe Agori attempted to surprise Crotesius by splitting apart their two bikes just before a collision, Crotesius was able to overturn Kirbraz's bike with a Thornax from his Cendox's mounted Thornax Launcher, bringing an end to the match.

Set Information[]

  • A Cendox V1 was released in the summer of 2009 along with the Agori Crotesius as a rider.
  • It had 151 pieces, with 12 pieces for the Agori Crotesius.
  • Its set number is 8992.

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