Challenge of Mata Nui
Bionicle Challenge of Mata Nui
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey
SeriesYoung Reader
Year published2009
Number in series4
Previous bookDesert of Danger
Next book--

BIONICLE: The Challenge of Mata Nui was a young reader book released on November 1, 2009.

Back Blurb[]

Ackar must teach Mata Nui how to fight. But when Ackar is attacked by a rock steed, Mata Nui faces a true test.


On their way from the village of Tajun to Tesara, Mata Nui's group stops to practice their new elemental powers. Ackar attempts to teach Mata Nui how to predict opponents' moves without them actually making any at all. He begins by tasking Mata Nui with figuring out which way a Cave Shrike will turn. Mata Nui tries several times, but fails. Ackar tells Mata Nui that the shrike will flutter its wings in the direction it is about to turn in. Despite Ackar's tip, Mata Nui is still unable to foretell the shrike's direction.

Ackar then takes Mata Nui to a wild Rock Steed to tame the creature by knowing its moves before it even makes them. During the fight between Ackar and the Rock Steed, he pretends to be severely injured by the animal. Mata Nui then attempts to fight the Rock Steed, and unknowingly uses the techniques Ackar taught him to drive the beast away. Ackar then praises Mata Nui on learning how to predict an opponent's moves, and they continue their trip to the twin village of Tesara.