Six of you stand ready. If you wish to pass through this chamber, one of you must die.
— The recorded voice in the Chamber of Death

The Chamber of Death was one of many trials a team would have to face on their way to retrieve the Ignika for whatever purpose. In the chamber, the recorded voice of a Great Being would demand that one of the team members be killed in order for the others to move on. What the voice did not tell the team was that after someone had volunteered to sacrifice themselves, they would be killed only to be brought back to life seconds later. The test was to see if the team was willing to die for their cause.

The only team known to pass through this chamber was the Toa Inika. Matoro volunteered to be the one killed, despite protest from the others. When he was brought back, the Toa Inika continued down the stairs, Matoro leading the way.


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